You should choose sleep option when

You should choose sleep option when

You are leaving for a very short time and want to resume you work shortly.

You are leaving for a very short time and want to resume you work shortly c.

You are leaving for a very short time and want to resume you work shortly c.

If you are using a laptop and youre running out of battery juice with no outlet available nearby then you shouldnt choose it. The good thing about sleep is it makes your machine wake up faster compared to hibernate. It is the best option to choose for quick pauses on what youre doing or youre going to leave your pc for a short while.

What is sleep mode? Whether you use a pc or a mac laptop, sleep mode is a pretty universal option on most modern computers. Its the fastest and most convenient power-saving option most laptops these days automatically go to sleep as soon as you close the lid.

  use sleep mode when youre going to be away from your pc for a short period of time. To make your pc sleep select start , then select settings system power & sleep additional power settings. Perform one of the following if youre using a desktop, tablet, or laptop, select choose what the power buttons do.

  in the new pop-up window, go to computer configuration administrative templates windows components file explorer. In the right panel in file explorer, find the power options menu and double-click show sleep.

You can modify your windows sleep settings with the following steps open up search by hitting the windows key q shortcut.

  find show sleep in the power options menu from the right pane and double-click it. Make sure the policy is set to enabled, click apply and then ok. After that, restart your computer and see if the sleep option is in the power menu.

Only after you open the power menu can you choose what you want to do sleep, restart, shut down, or hibernate (if you enable this option). You can set your computers power button to do what you like as long as it is a power option that is available in windows, for your specific hardware.

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You should choose sleep option when

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