Yonna money transfer

Yonna money transfer

Information yonna has over 7 branches in and around the gambia. It is also a western union money transfer agent where you can pick up your money up until 11 at night.

Monday - thursday 0800 tp 17 to 1500 saturday 0900 to 1300.

Yonna forex bureau chaaying chaayin complex tippa garage mall of the gambia bakoteh the gambia (4,086.).

Yonna forex bureau exchange, one of the biggest money transfer services in the country, with 52 branches countrywide, over the weekend donated food items to six institutions. The beneficiaries are gambia prisons department, tanka-tanka psychiatric center, islamic institute for education and development, sos childrens village, basse police station and darusalam islamic school in sukuta.

  yonna forex bureau, being one of the biggest money transfer services in the gambia with 49 branches across the country, monday concluded a two-day official branch opening in rural gambia. The new branches were opened in four different places in the provinces, namely niani karantaba, kunting, kudang, and bwiam in west coast region.

Since 2009, when we entered the financial bureau market, we saw an opportunity to provide a better standard of service. Weve gone on to become one of gambias leading bureau, providing competitive exchange rates and reliable and efficient transfer services that is unbeatable to businesses and private individuals in the gambia.

With tranzlanta money transfer system you will be able to do the following register online and take control of your money transfers. Call and a representative will process your transfer over the phone. Tranzlanta wants you to be able to track your money transfers.

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Yonna money transfer

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