X4 foundations data vault bug

X4 foundations data vault bug

My first youtube vid, decided to record my attempt at figuring out how the data vault anomaly works, made a few amateur recording mistakes but hopefully i will get better over time with more vids.

Finding data vaults data vaults are located in space and show up as a purple ping when using the lon-rang scanner. So far i have only seen them in asteroid fields so you can focus on those areas to start with. Once you have a ping just fly toward it till you find the vault. Fixing the vault in order to get the data out of the vault you need to get the vault back online.

Other guides dont have screenshots which made vaults difficult to find. To open a data vault, get out of you ship and use your repair laser on the red panels to turn them green. Keeps doing this until you can shoot the data leak (noisey thing) with your laser.

  this is an x4 foundations guide for the beginner so you will understand how to hack data vault but also this guide contains some useful tips and tricks to do.

  in this quick episode i show you how to get into data vaults and what you can find! X4 foundations allows you to personally fly all ships.

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Oh, and i also checked, the data vaults indeed have a specific lore item. Furthermore, the locations are spawned in these locations, but vary a small amount, just as the locations of the oregas fields. This means that in middle of purple patch might be off! Last one.

  data vaults! What they are and how to open them!have questions about the game? Leave a comment!subscribe to follow the actionhttpbit.

  welcome cyberspace gamer! This is a data vault locations guide for x4 foundations.

Data vaults in x4 foundations are places you can explore and unlock some loot and timeline entries.

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X4 foundations data vault bug

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