X13 algorithm miner

X13 algorithm miner

  in this tutorial youll learn how to mine onion tokens on the x13 algorithm. Mining is the process of using computing hardware in order to solve sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms come in the form of blocks that help verify transactions on the network. For participating in mining, youre rewarded with onion tokens. The more powerful processing power you have, the more coins youll mine.

If you use 3rd party software, connect directly to our stratum server.

This fork has support not only for the common asic mineable sha256d and scrypt algorithms that you dont need to bother with on a cpu anyway, but also for many other algorithms such as x11, x13, x14, x15, cryptonight, fresh, blake, neoscrypt and others.

5 mhs mining marucoin (x13 coin) and with the windows binary we have compiled (source here) we are able to get up to about 2. 65 mhs on a radeon r9 280x gpu as you can see on the screenshot. Just edit the included config file that is already setup for x13 mining and you are ready to mine x13 coins with a nice performance boost.

  followed by x11, algorithms such as x13, x15, x16 and x17 emerged which are all extensions of x11. While currently there are no asics for these algorithms building one doesnt take much time as they all use same sequence of hashing algorithm as x11 with only few additional algorithms chained together.

  in order to prevent the use of asic miners dash created an algorithm that is much complicated than sha -256. They chained 11 different hashing algorithm into one and hence the name x11. However unfortunately both asic and fpga cracked x11 and that is what gave rise to x13, x14 and x15.

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X13 algorithm miner

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