Www dbs com sg personal banking new token

Www dbs com sg personal banking new token

The physical token will cease to be in use from april 2021 as part of our plans to make banking more seamless.

You will receive a prompt to set up your digital token within 90 days. After 90 days, you can still set up your digital token under more, app & security settings and select manage digital token.

Please take note that online banking transactions would require digital tokens from physical tokens will no longer be issued from 1 february 2021. Please set up your digital token today to continue banking and investing online seamlessly.

Transaction signing is a new procedure introduced as part of an industry-wide initiative to bring you a more secure online banking environment. It is used for certain high-risk transactions like adding recipients, updating personal particulars, or performing high-value transactions.

Dbs singapore provides a variety of personal banking and financial planning products like deposits, investments, insurance, personal loans, refinancing and online banking services.

Alert there are scam calls targeting customers to make bank transfers. Do not disclose any account details, user id, pins or sms otp to anyone. Due to covid-19, we have limited our secured mailbox services.

  dbs bank customers will no longer be able to use their physical tokens to access mobile and digital banking services from april 1 this year, with the bank to stop issuing the physical tokens.

Dbs online banking registration 0909 pm singapore. Step 1 of 4 please ensure your mobile number, mailing and email address is registered with us.

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Www dbs com sg personal banking new token

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