World remit lautoka

World remit lautoka

67948 naviti street, lautoka mon - fri 0800 - 1730 hrs & sat 0800 - 1500 hrs nadi real forex - nadi br shop3, sentail restaurant building, main st 679shop3, sentail restaurant building, main st mon - fri 0800 - 1800 hrs, sat 0800 - 1300 hrs nadi unimoni pte limited - nadi br 5 dee mall nadi town 6795 dee mall nadi town mon - fri 0800-1730 hrs sat 0800-1500 hrs.

Choose from mobile money transfer, cash pickup or airtime top up. When it comes to the very best way to transfer money to fiji, it should be the most secure and convenient way possible. We use industry-leading technology that secures your money and your personal details for security and peace of mind.

Name phone address city country uae exchange (fiji) pty ltd - lautoka br lautoka, 48 naviti street.

  nai qaqi ni suka e lautoka, e a tauyavu ena 1903 ka tauyavu na taoni o lautoka ena 1929. Era qai muri mai na idia daunibisinisi ka da kilai ira ena yaca na gujarati. Nai matai ni gujarati e tadu mai viti, a yaco mai ena yabaki 1904, ka lako mai sauca aferika. E dua na dau tuli koula (goldsmith) ka ra qai veimurimuri mai ka ra mai vakaduria nodra bisinisi ena.

Includes outlet maps, on-line service, network information, and pricing plans.

Atms in fiji dont usually pose any challenges, however if there are no atms nearby or the atms in fiji are not working with your card, check back here for our guide below. It explains how you can send yourself money online and pick it up at an authorized local cash pick up point.

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World remit lautoka

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