Wizclear synthetic belt

Wizclear synthetic belt

The synthetic belt is a one of a kind sex simulator that wraps around your waist or chest with an adjustable elastic band. This belt can be worn discreetly under your clothing and is designed to deliver a toxin free fluid.

The wizclear line of products offer various discreet synthetic urine kits for all real life scenarios, including the piss perfect, a life like prosthetic designed with a silent flow system that wont click and can be operated with just one hand when dispensing your synthetic urine adding to a more realistic golden shower experiences.

Wizclears synthetic urine belt is easy-to-use and features a quick-release mechanism to improve delivery. What sets the wizclear belt apart is that its designed for multiple uses, unlike single-use kits. It can also be filled with other liquids, and it can be operated with one hand for maximum realism.

  the synthetic urine belt is the most affordable reusable empty refillable kit. Its designed to be used with any fluid you choose to place inside of it.

The wizclear go-pack is a prefilled one time use non-refillable disposable 3 oz belt filled premium quality synthetic urine for fake pee. The belt can be worn discreetly under your clothing and is designed to deliver a toxin free fetish urine.

Essentially, the design of the synthetic belt is identical to the wizclear, but does not come with any synthetic urine. Choose whichever brand youd like! We recommend quick fix plus - a premixed synthetic urine thats so realistic it even passes for piss when tested in a lab! The belt comes with a medical grade syringe to help you fill the bag, a sticky hand warmer to keep your liquid.

Wizclears synthetic urine belt to start with, the wiz clear belt does not come with a sample of fake urine. If you have synthetic urine with you, then whats remaining is the delivery system, particularly the belt. The belt is designed to replicate urinating for easy passing of your urine.

The wizclear go pack is a urine belt system that enables the user to deliver a 3-ounce fake urine specimen when needed for work, athletic or fetish simulator-related purposes. With administered drug tests becoming so common these days, you must find some way to protect yourself.

If youve already found a reliable source of fake pee and just need a good delivery system, this belt is just the thing youre looking for. Wizclear made this belt to replicate peeing as closely as possible so you can deliver your sample safely and quickly. It addresses a lot of the complications that most people often have with urine belts, designing an.

Need accessories? You might also like clean pee synthetic urine. Place your order in the next and receive it if you select overnight shipping! The piss perfect is the best.

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Wizclear synthetic belt

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