Wix shipping rules

Wix shipping rules

Wix stores comes with two regions already added one for your own country (the domestic region), and one for the rest of the world (the international region). From this starting point, you can decide which countries (or regions within countries) you want to ship to.

Start typing a country name and select it from the drop-down. Set up different shipping rules for regions within a country (not all countries have local regions) click the region number.

Now that youve selected a region, its time to set up the flat rate rule for that region. Select flat rate from the select how shipping is calculated drop-down.

Wix stores request creating shipping rules based on product dimensions wix stores request creating quantity based shipping rules wix stores request shipping products to an apofpo (military) address wix stores request setting a maximum range for shipping rules wix stores request combining weight-based and price-based shipping rules.

Start by creating the first delivery option and then click add another delivery option. Tips to offer multiple delivery options which include a free option, select a rule (e. You can display shipping options to your customers in the cart.).

  this tutorial takes you through how to set up tax and shipping rules in your wix online store, for your wix website.

  set up shipping rules for an online store - wix website tutorial for beginners - youtube.

Choose products for your business find products by category, gender, price and more. Add the products to your site and customize your product pages. Start selling on your wix online store accept orders and online payments on your website.

Wix shall have the right to offer the wix services in alternative price plans and impose different restrictions as for the upload, storage, download and use of the wix services in each price plan, including, without limitation, restrictions on network traffic and bandwidth, size andor length of content, quality andor format of content, sources of content, volume of download time, number of subscribers.

Our wix shipping integration fills out all necessary shipping labels and documents.

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Wix shipping rules

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