Winklevoss brothers bitcoin exchange

Winklevoss brothers bitcoin exchange

  the twins bought 11 million worth of bitcoins in 2013, according to the new york times, and soon became evangelists, creating crypto exchange gemini trust co.

  gemini is a bitcoin exchange launched in 2015 by the winklevoss twins, cameron and tyler.

The winklevoss twins pitched a large purchase of bitcoin today as the trade of the century and predicted the digital currency will soar by 30 times in a recent real vision interview.

  the winklevoss brothers have been among the most optimistic forecasters for the price of bitcoin, saying it will reach 500,000 within 10 years.

Tyler and cameron winklevoss, founders of crypto exchange gemini, are often coy about how much bitcoin they actually own. But if a previous figure from the new york times is anything to go by, they had 11 million-worth of the currency in 2013.

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Winklevoss brothers bitcoin exchange

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Winklevoss brothers bitcoin exchange
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