Which pokemon need the unova stone

Which pokemon need the unova stone

  pokemon go unova stones are a unique evolution item for gen 5 pokemon specifically, to evolve them into their next stage. They work almost identically to sinnoh stones, except theyre used for gen.

  unova stone is a black-and-white evolutionary item will allow certain pokémon from the unova region to evolve.

  the best unova stone pokemon evolutions how to use your unova stone. Given that unova stones are a little difficult to get your hands on and require at least a bit of grinding, be that of.

As has been tradition in pokémon go, some creatures need to be exposed to a stone to evolve, thus making it difficult for us to have a series of creatures and making, in part, more fun to search for these stones often reserved for rewards in events and research assignments. The unova stone is an inescapable element for the task of evolution in various species.

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Which pokemon need the unova stone

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