Where is the jewelry store in gta 5 online

Where is the jewelry store in gta 5 online

  retailer of high-end jewelry and blood diamonds, famed for its flagship portola drive location. Vangelico is a luxury jewelry store in grand theft auto v and grand theft auto online.

Casing the jewel store is a michael mission in igns grand theft auto 5 walkthrough.

Vangelicos fine jewelry is a jewelry store in grand theft auto v located on dorset drive, rockford hills, los santos. It is robbed as the first heist in grand theft auto v, by michael de santa and franklin clinton during the jewel store job.

Vangelicos fine jewelry is a high class jewelry store in grand theft auto v. One of the heists involves a robbery that takes place in the store.

Once you get here, talk to lester to learn about the idea to rob a local jewel store - vangelico. Vangelico jewel store exit the building , get in michaels car (obey tailgater) and drive towards the jewel store located to the north-west of the plant in the rockford hills district.

Drive to the ls docks to begin this mission, you will see that the van is in a warehouse guarded by three bugstars employees.

I cant remember if michael or trevor are able to do so but franklin can. Go to posonbys and walk to the short square display cases that are to your right. It should prompt you to enter the menu when you get to the correct side.

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Where is the jewelry store in gta 5 online

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