What is the best isa rate at the moment

What is the best isa rate at the moment

If youre looking to transfer your cash isa to a better deal, read our quick guide on isa transfers to get the best rate. Isa transfers q&a we answer your questions so you can get the best possible deal on isa transfers, without losing any tax-free benefits.

The table below shows the top rate accounts for fixed-term isas, which dont require savers to hold another account with the provider. The links take you through to which? Money compare, where available. Account type account aer terms five-year fixed-rate cash isa shawbrook bank 5 year fixed rate cash isa bond 1.

75 50 cashback for some (existing custs only) nationwide now offers its members a fixed-rate isa that rivals rates offered by 3yr fixed options and youll only need to lock your cash away for half the time.

Rates are at an all time low but there are still some good options around. Some of the highest interest paying fixed rate isas at the moment, include 1) tesco fixed rate isa.

Fixed rate isas tend to pay the best interest rates because providers are happy to pay more in return for knowing they will have the funds for a set amount of time. Terms usually range from one to five years, with the longer the term agreed, the higher the rate of interest that is paid. However, if you want to access your fixed rate isa funds before the term expires, an interest penalty will.

Cash isas let you save money without paying tax on the interest.

If youre thinking of locking your money up for longer than a year, weve rounded up the best isa rates on offer over two, three, four and five years.

If you are looking for where to put cash its important to compare the best rates. The first thing to do is make full use of your tax free allowance by investing in a cash isa. For the 201314 tax year you can invest up to 5,760 into a cash isa. Below is my roundup of the best cash isa savings rates available at the moment.

Finding your best fixed-rate isa is unique to your financial situation, so there isnt exactly a one-size fits all. Also, the big banks dont always offer the best isa rates, so its worth comparing providers to see if you can find a better one. Its easy to compare fixed-rate isas with our handy comparison tables and youll see competitive rates from less well-known isa.

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What is the best isa rate at the moment

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