What is dollar rate to naira today in black market

What is dollar rate to naira today in black market

Daily dollar to naira black market (lagos) review us dollarrate is 485against nairain black market (lagos)today, march 26, 2021. Dollarstarted this week at 486in black market on monday, march 22, 2021. 21 decreasefor usd to nairaexchange rate for this week so far.

  usd is being traded at 480 in black market (lagos) today, thursday, march 25, 2021. Usd has been traded at 478 when black market opened this week on monday, march 22, 2021.

  usd is being traded at 480 in black market (lagos) today, sunday, march 21, 2021. Usd has been traded at 478 when black market opened this week on monday, march 15, 2021. When we look at this month, usd was traded at at the beginning of this march on monday, march 1, 2021.

Top rising exchange rate is australian dollar to naira having a 25 rise from 300. Top losing exchange rate is euro to naira having a 4 fall from 582.

Looking at the monthly average rate, we would notice that there have been a 6.

Get daily black market exchange rates from dollar to naira, pounds to naira and euro to naira.

  the naira appreciated against the dollar to close at n4401 on tuesday at the black market.

  conversion from united states dollar to nigerian naira the markets insider currency calculator offers a currency conversion from united states dollar to nigerian naira within seconds.

In the black market currency exchange, they buy from at a cheaper rate. For example, the dollar is pegged at 381 naira to 1 dollar at the parallel market. At the black market, if youre selling your 1 dollar to get naira today, the abokis would buy from you at a lower price.

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What is dollar rate to naira today in black market

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What is dollar rate to naira today in black market
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