What is debit spread

What is debit spread

  a debit spread, or a net debit spread, is an option strategy involving the simultaneous buying and selling of options of the same class with different prices requiring a net outflow of cash.

A debit spread essentially involves taking opposing long and short positions on options contracts. They are typically created by taking the long position and buying contracts that are in the money, or at the money, and then effectively reducing the cost of taking that position by writing out of the money contracts and selling them.

  unlike a credit spread, a debit spread results in a premium debited, or paid, from the traders or investors account when the position is opened.

A debit spread is risk defining meaning the amount you risk is the amount youve committed to. It requires doing a combination of buying and selling calls or puts, depending on the strategy, with the same expiration date.

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What is debit spread

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