What is a good win loss ratio

What is a good win loss ratio

What is a good win loss ratio? In general, it is considered a good winloss ratio if a trader wins more than 50 percent of their trades.

  the winloss ratio is the ratio of the total number of winning trades to the number of losing trades.

  (the win ratio is simply the number of winning trades divided by the total number of trades. For example, a trader who won on 15 of 20 trades would have a 75 win ratio.).

The general lessons on win-loss ratios are a 40 win-loss ratio is a good performance a higher win-loss ratio is achievable with target customers, providing you have established a good relationship spend a small amount of time pre-qualifying bids to avoid chasing hopeless bids.

  many trading books and gurus advocate a profitloss ratio of at least 21 or 31, which means that for every 200 or 300 you make per trade, your potential loss should be capped at 100.

What is a good winloss ratio? Im specifically talking about ranked only. Showing 1-1 of 1 comments triss mar 25, 2018 1042am anything above 1.

We broke respondents down into 3 groups based on their sales results elite performers (representing the top 7 of respondents), top performers (representing the top 20), and the rest (representing the remaining 80).

  correct formula for getting percentage is wins(gamesplayed)100 or wins(winslosses)100 which in fact is approximately 30.

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What is a good win loss ratio

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