What does pax stand for convention

What does pax stand for convention

Pax penny-arcade exposition (video game convention) pax portable archive exchange pax per annum exclusive pax potassium amyl xanthate pax programming, administration and execution system (us army) pax poly aluminium chloride pax picatinny arsenal explosive pax profiling agent for exchange pax passenger assistance required (vre) pax per annum exchange pax.

Essentially, pax means peoplepersonsoccupants, as succinctly expressed by callithumpians answer (apparently it was used as early as the 40s it became a standard term in the uk passenger transport industry in the 70s).

  pax passenger technology pax private automatic exchange architectural architecture.

Short answer pax guest patron in a restaurant it would be the number of guests per reservation, table, or check. For instance if the reservation is for 2 people, it could be said the reservation is 2 pax if the check is 4 pax it is a.

Hans rouw (program lead protection of civilians at pax), opens the conference by presenting the main poc priorities, challenges and opportunities. Announcing the full program together with saba azeem (project lead human security survey) and wilbert van der zeijden (team coordinator protection of civilians) and welcoming messages from pax partners in iraq, south sudan and the us.

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What does pax stand for convention

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