What currency can you use in dubai airport

What currency can you use in dubai airport

  like most international airports, the shops do accept the major currencies, which includes the gbp pounds sterling and the us dollar-items will be priced in both foreign (usually us)and local.

If it makes you feel better to exchange to dubai currency before traveling to the uae there are many places, especially banks or your departure airport where this should be possible. The uae dirham is not the most common currency but should be available at any large airport.

I dont know where you are coming from so dont know what currency you will have on you but you can use foreign currency at the airport but will be given change in the uae currency which is dirhams.

It is always wise to know about the countrys currency before travelling to ensure that you dont land up spending much more than planned.

  the currency in dubai is the dirham, which is shortened to aed (united arab emirates dirham). 67 and the dirham has been pegged to the us dollar since 1997, meaning the exchange rate never changes.

Yes, dubai duty free and most of the shops at the airport will accept usd,eur,chf,gbp amongst other currrencies. The exchange rate will be a little out of favour though, so i recommend withdrawing money from the.

You can use sterling or uk dollars if you must but you will not get as good and exchange rate and would be better off using a credit or debit card and choosing to pay in dirham - that will be the best exchange rate. Another downside of using foreign currency is that whichever currency you pay in you will get your change in dirham.

You can use sterling or uk dollars if you must but you will not get as good and exchange rate and would be better off using a credit or debit card and choosing to pay in dirham - that will be the best exchange rate. Another downside of using foreign currency is that whichever currency you pay in you will get your change in dirham.

However do not change it in the airports as they give terrible exchange rates.

Dubai airports owns and manages the operation and development of both airports dubai international (dxb) and al maktoum international (dwc). Check your flight status, information about dubai, airport service, location, shopping, dinning, all in one place.

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What currency can you use in dubai airport

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