Westpac notice saver

Westpac notice saver

The westpac notice saver account requires a minimum opening balance of 500,000 to be deposited within the first 30 days and is opened with either a 31, 60 or 90 day notice period. At the end of your notice period, you have the option of withdrawing some or all of your funds.

Notice saver is a type of investment for balances less than 10 million. When you invest, you buy units in the westpac notice saver pie fund each 1 you invest represents 1 unit. Your money is invested solely in a new zealand dollar bank account with westpac, where a 1 investment represents one unit in the westpac notice saver pie fund.

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Issuer westpac banking corporation abn 33 007 457 141 australian financial services licence no. About this guide using notice saver accounts page 2 of 24 effective as at march 2021 about corporate online westpac corporate online is an internet-based electronic platform, providing a single point of entry to a suite of online.

Notice saver is a cash investment offered under the westpac notice saver pie fund. When you invest, you buy units in the westpac notice saver pie fund, and a 1 investment represents 1 unit. Your money in notice saver is invested solely in a new zealand dollar bank account with westpac nz.

Refer to the westpac notice saver combines financial service guide and product disclosure statement for detailed product information. A withdrawal request may be made by submitting a notice of withdrawal, using your corporate online facility. Withdrawal notice periods are calculated from (and include) the day that the notice of withdrawal is received by westpac through your corporate online.

Where it is in the interests of investors or where the funds eligibility for pie status would be threatened, we can suspend or delay withdrawals. Outside of the seven business days cooling off period (described below), you can withdraw all or part of your investment without giving the minimum notice.

Investments made in the westpac cash pie fund andor the westpac notice saver pie fund (each a fund and together the funds) do not represent bank deposits or liabilities of westpac banking corporation abn 33 007 457 141, westpac new zealand limited (westpac nz) or any other member of the westpac group of companies.

Westpac bonus saver pie and notice saver are offered under the westpac cash pie fund.

Bonus interest if you have not had a westpac esaver account before, an introductory fixed bonus rate of 0. Applies for the first 5 months, on top of the standard variable rate. After 5 months, the standard variable interest rate, currently 0. Existing or previous esaver account holders are not eligible for this offer.

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Westpac notice saver

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