Wego niagara falls routes

Wego niagara falls routes

Wego features three different bus lines that all meet in niagara parks at table rock next to the horseshoe falls. This is the main transfer hub from the blue and red lines serving the city tourist areas, to the green line that runs through niagara parks.

Ask your accommodation host about wego options, including the niagara falls adventure pass or the niagara falls wonder pass.

Horseshoe falls usa e 420 d s d table rock centre n l a s m l t t a l s lfallsview casinoo d t four points sheraton l s a casino d a l ( s e y) l e e ns n g niagara-on-the-lake e wn (queen st) t e t ses queen victoria park t e s fort erie routes red line - lundys lane blue line - fallsviewclifton hill blue line - seasonal table rock centre transfer stop green line - niagara parks.

Wego route map niagara falls 5k, 10k, half & international marathon.

There are three main wego routes that run year-round and a seasonal niagara-on-the-lake shuttle (the orange line) that typically is in service from the beginning of may to the end of october.

Wego visitor transportation system niagara regional transit routes & schedules - effective september 4, 2018 fort erie service - effective september 4th, 2018 - service to niagara square only bus stop locator. You can use the bus stop locator to find bus stops and routes close to your address.

Route maps and schedules - wego niagara falls wego features four different bus lines that all meet in niagara parks at table rock next to the horseshoe falls. This is the main transfer hub from the blue, red and purple lines serving the city tourist areas, to the green line that runs through niagara parks.

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Wego niagara falls routes

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