Websocket vs rest

Websocket vs rest

  websocket is a low-level protocol, based on the concept of socket and port, which are the underlying transport mechanism whereas rest is based on crud operation.

The overhead of opening and closing connections is very real. The performance of being able to send and receive data and the number of concurrent devices that can do so is a significant consideration. The use of polling versus pushing is also a very real burden on servers.

  it is important to note that while we can directly compare http and websocket as they are both application layer protocols, its not natural to compare rest against websocket. As we saw earlier rest is an architectural style which leverages http for communication. Hence our comparison to websocket will mostly be regarding the capabilities, or lack thereof, in http.

  websocket apis are suitable for iot applications with low latency or high throughput requirements.

  whereas websockets only have this for the initial request (there is some overhead in the messages, but it is minimal). Websocket messages are therefore smaller if you send more than one message. There is something that websockets can do that normal http communication cannot and that is bi-directional traffic.

Rest when theres not much the back-and-forth on a regular basis, rest is great! Websocket critical data moved with a lot of communication, websocket is better.

As we move more towards real time web and development of reactive systems websocket would prominently start replacing usage of rest apis. Ws allows data push and pull which dismisses the concept of server and client.

The overhead of opening and closing connections is very real.

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Websocket vs rest

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