Waterside plaza nyu

Waterside plaza nyu

With a park-like plaza overlooking the east river, waterside is a tranquil enclave where residents from all over the world can meet and build community. Please contact angelo torres, our leasing director at or email atorreswatersideplaza. Com to discuss how we might help you find your home at waterside.

  waterside has studio, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments for rent with numerous floor plans to choose from. Many apartments feature hardwood floors and modern renovations.

As ships ballast from the rubble of the city of bristol in the u. , which was bombed by the luftwaffe in world war ii during the bristol blitz. The apartment buildings, as well as the neighboring united nations international school, were constructed on top of platforms supported by over 2,000 concrete piles sunk into the east.

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Waterside plaza nyu

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