Warframe trade scams

Warframe trade scams

This means that both op and the trader agreed to make a deal with each other. Upon getting half way into the agreed deal, the trader bailed. I am seriously surprised how many people are in support of the player that did the scamming.

  it was partially your fault for neglecting to be careful but you were flustered at the current situation and he was able to scam you. Post them and even contact de and things can definitely get settled.

  as a buyer, always inspect the product to ensure its what you want and need. If you did declare that you wanted another breed and that isnt the breed the seller gave you, that part is on the seller.

Selling things for a certain price may be considered as a scam by some players because youre selling at a value higher than someone else, however the trade can only be done with acceptance of both players and since its a free market, any value is valid, this also means any complains to.

  there is a very common scam going around, people saying that they have a coupon, be it a 75 off, 50 off, or 25 off, they say that they will give any item to anybody, as long as that person gives them the platinum in order to do it.

The leading warframe trading platform for tenno, where you can buy and sell vaulted & unvaulted items along with waframe sets, parts, weapons, mods, relics, blueprints, captura scenes, rivens and.

Trading is an essential part of warframe and we felt it important to inform players on how to proceed with trading in a safe manner. All players will be presented with the trading policy window when trading for the first time ever (mastery rank 2 players who have just unlocked trading), and for the first time since downloading the update. This applies to any instance of trading in the dojo and in maroos bazaar. Once youve accepted the policy you may access it from the trading.

To all of the people who are joining warframe and want to dive in the world of trading, be watchful of scams. Although warframe has one of the best communities, there are still people who will try to scam you for your plat. Recently, a friend of mine saw someone in trade chat selling 75 off and wanted to buy harrow.

Player a trades with player b, and gives player b some of the platinum. Player a disputes the charge with his credit card company or paypal or whatever, and gets his real money refunded. Player b has the platinum removed from his account because of the payment dispute.

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Warframe trade scams

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Warframe trade scams

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