Warframe ps4 to pc account migration

Warframe ps4 to pc account migration

  in fact, warframe did have a limited time pc to ps4 account transfer, but it seems like they have chosen not to have a permanent transfer system, or something that works from ps4 to pc. You may wish to ask in the warframe forums (it was a link in his message) for addition info or context. (end) i have officially been to most of the places to go to ask these questions and now i am here.

  when warframe was initially released it was stated that there would be cross platform play and the ability to migrate accounts from one platform to the other. Mind you this was when the ps4 first came out and warframe was first announced for the console.

  if digital extremes does not act on allowing pc players to migrate their accounts from console, im afraid they will be on the verge of being a dead stick in the water. I really hate to see that happen to this franchise, if digital extremes doesnt get their heads out of their asses, a significant decline in your player base is going to happen sooner or later.

  my idea is to transfer everything of your account and inventory to pc, wipe the current pc and ps4 account, and notify the user that the ps4 exclusive items may not carry over, or allow the items to be carried over to pc.

  how do i migrate my pc warframe account to ps4? The account migration process will be available on the user account page at warframe. Before you can migrate your account, you need to ensure you have two things - an existing pc warframe account - a psn account. The steps to migrate your pc account to ps4 are as follows 1.

  a new console generation doesnt mean account migration from console to console it just means new consoles in the same family of consoles. Its the same platform and de stores your account info on their servers anyway you just log into your warframe account on the new ps5 and all your stuff is there.

  can you migrate pc account to nintendo switch in 2020? If yes, how? I couldnt find anything on my own so im asking here. Eagle pc member 2,988 2,800 posts share posted january 4, 2020.

  de requires the permission from the console manufacturer(s) in order to implement more account migrations, cross-save, cross-play, etc. As it is ultimately up to the console manufacturers to say what can and what cannot be put onto their consoles.

  hello, the problem is not whether there will be an upgrade or not, well the problem is that i started playing warframe from the ps4 and i loved it and i downloaded in pc and the problem is i want to get my account ps4 a the pc and can not or will not or can not, thanks for helping me.

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Warframe ps4 to pc account migration

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Warframe ps4 to pc account migration
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