Wacom mobilestudio pro 16 vs 13

Wacom mobilestudio pro 16 vs 13

While it is obvious that the two mobilestudio pro have different screen sizes, 13-inch vs 16-inch, there are some other differences between the two that may not be as obvious, for one.

  wacoms newest drawing tablet is the mobilestudio pro 13 and 16! In resolutions up to 4k and with a discrete graphics card option these new tablets are per.

  the ultimate wacom mobile studio pro review! (13 & 16) - youtube. The ultimate wacom mobile studio pro review! (13 & 16) watch later.

The wacom mobilestudio pro 13 is one of a duo that includes the mobilestudio pro 13 and 16. The numbers denote the size of the screen in inches, with the 13 having a 13-inch screen. It includes an intel core i7 cpu, an iris graphics 550 card from intel, 16gb of ram, 512gb ssd internal storage, and, one of its best features, intel realsense 3d model scanning hardware.

The 4k resolution (3840x2160) of wacom mobilestudio pro 16s screen renders each fine brush stroke accurately and provides plenty of space in which to work. Color accuracy of 94 of adobe rgb means you can accurately reproduce even the most subtle shades.

The wacom mobilestudio pro 13 blends mobility with high performance and lets you sketch, draw, edit, and create with ease. Wacom mobilestudio pro 16 models offer a larger mobile creative workspace and higher graphics performance - perfect for 3d design and sculpting, illustration, photography, video, animation and complex photo retouching.

Wacom mobilestudio pro gives you a whole studio of creative tools in your hands an awesome display, a precise pen and enhanced computing power to run leading creative software simultaneously. And with its long-lasting battery, you can bring your ideas to life without disrupting your flow.

Given how heavy the 16-inch mobilestudio pro is and its battery life of 5. 5 hours at most, its isnt quite as mobile as an ipad pro or a surface-alike either.

The 16-inches cintiq pro cost less than the cheapest mobilestudio pro at the official price. You can connect the both cintiq pro & the mobilestudio pro to any computer you want. In the case of cintiq pro, it comes with wacom link out of the box, so you can connect it to your computer right away.

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Wacom mobilestudio pro 16 vs 13

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