Virgin mobile international calls countries

Virgin mobile international calls countries

Staying connected with your loved ones overseas just got a lot easier with our unlimited international calls. Its simple! Ring up your loved ones back home in any of these 38 countries.

(hspa or lte networks) rates depend on the country youre in. Check out our international roaming rates for phones that use a sim card. (hspa and lte networks) good to know you can talk in over 200 countries with a sim card.

To apply for international roaming, contact our call centre on 135 (free from any virgin mobile number) or call 080 123 1230 from any other number.

  here is the list of european countries you can call on talk mobile extra international austria, belgium, cyprus, denmark, france, germany, greece hungary, ireland, italy, luxembourg, netherlands, norway, poland, portugal, spain, sweden and switzerland.

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Virgin mobile international calls countries

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