Vindictus fiona counterattack

Vindictus fiona counterattack

Can be used immediately after a successful guard upon successful guard, let go of guard and press smash to perform counterattack. Guard must be dropped counterattack wont trigger while the player is guarding.

  for this guide and other great guides, visit vindictuswiki.

Using counterattack right after a guard can stun or knock down mobs including bosses. Be sure to use the camp fire buff in order to keep your shield durabili.

This is a recorded video during pre open beta on na vindictus. I just got the skill so im practicing it on the mini boss kobold chief.

This battle quest has all the major bosses in hoarfrost hollow.

  fiona is a balanced warrior who wields a sword and a shield. She values defense, so she uses her shield to protect herself during combat and then strikes strategically when enemies arent expecting it. She is able to wear heavy armor from the start and later learns to wear plate armor as well. Gearing a fiona for end game requires light armour (to use the best scrolls).

How do you counterattack because it seems like the successful rate is lower or i am doing something incorrectly. I usually press the shield key before i get attacked to counterattack and right-click to smashcounterattack afterwards. Am i doing something wrong? 2) to shield deflection, do i press tab when smashing and i do not need to shield?

  both hammer and sword fionas rely heavily on your shield being non-broken, using sp shield bash and counterattack (ca) to land stuns, using ca as often as possible, using heavy stander or guard as often as possible and depending on whats best for the situation, etc.

  counterattack into amaranth kick combo is the highest dps move for fiona. This means fionas should stay in front of bosses as much as possible in order to take as many hits as possible.

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Vindictus fiona counterattack

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