Verge halving countdown

Verge halving countdown

Verge is a cryptocurrency designed for everyday use according to the official website at vergecurrency. It is an open-source community driven project that includes the popular vergepay wallet.

In case you dont know much about verge, youll be excited to know that verge undergoes a halving every six months. This keeps the pow blockchain moving forwards, while allowing plenty of time for transaction numbers to get the required level where miners can be profitable without the need for block rewards.

Thankfully, the name of verge really lends its self to anticipation and can really give headlines a good sense of time scale. It seems that we are just five days (or so) from an official verge block reward halving, according to the official verge twitter page. According to a recent tweet, the 9 th of may will see block 2,124,000 mined.

As of now, the block reward is 400 coins per block and will decrease to 200 coins per block post halving.

Many cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, have a fixed supply and achieve this by halving the mining rewards at regular intervals. This reduces the distribution of coins affecting supply and demand for the cryptocurrency. The previous halving for bitcoin happened on 11th of may, 2020 at block height 630,000.

The second halving event occurred on the 5th of august, 2019 at block height 1,680,000. It is always a debate on what litecoin will do in terms of pricing for a halving event. Some people believe that the halving is already priced in by the market and thus theres no expectation for the price to do anything.

The halving (sometimes referred to as the halvening) is the predetermined moment when bitcoins block subsidy gets cut in half. They may be unsafe, untrustworthy, or illegal in your jurisdiction. So developers and speculators will like this idea, but miners will get shafted. However, every now and then a reduction of the miners reward is also arranged for eth.

  the cryptocurrency verge, which is focused on privacy, is preparing for a hard fork that could change the structure of its halving. Halving refers to the amount of rewards given to miners for the introduction of new coins. The theory states that as mining rewards decrease for a particular coin, the amount of new supply also falls.

Post-halving estimated daily revenue- historical network hashrate and price.

  the second halving was on july 9 2016 and the miners reward was reduced from 25 bitcoins to 12.

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Verge halving countdown

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Verge halving countdown
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