Venmo anonymous reddit

Venmo anonymous reddit

My friend told me he had 200 in venmo balance and i said wow thats a good a amount. I have problems with saving money and i was thinking to myself if i just let transactions sent to me stay in my venmo thats a good way of saving, but im scared of money being stolen the same way its stolen from peoples paypal accounts.

I would like to send money digitally, but dont want it to show my name.

Can you donate to someone anonymously through venmo? A couple family members and i decided to get together to support a cousin that has fallen on some difficult times during covid. I want to send him some money as a christmas present, but i dont want him to know it was from me, since hes the type to insist on paying it back (and he most definitely cannot afford to do so right now).

  im not asking how to pay them anonymously, but how to use cashapp anonymously. Its just a simple transaction for digital media, not something i absolutely need. The guy (who is also anonymous) is asking for me to send money (less than 50) to his cashapp. If i cant do it anonymously then i just wont bother at all.

Wondering if there is a way to send money via paypal or venmo anonymously? I do not want the recipient to see my name, email, or any other personal information. I googled this and most responses said no but one woman did say its possible via paypal (she worked for a charity and said she receives donations that do not show the sender).

Venmo can be as anonymous or public as the person using it intends. It integrates a friend list and social feed that adds more livelihood to the act of money transfers, which can potentially be privacy liabilities. Its even possible to publicly announce the made transactions.

Purchases made using your venmo mastercard debit card or venmo credit card and purchases from approved merchants when you pay with venmo are private by default, but you can change the privacy setting on any purchase to share them. All of your transactions, regardless of privacy setting, will still be visible in your personal venmo feed so that you have a transaction record.

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Venmo, the popular payment app owned by paypal, has become the default way millions of americans settle a check, pay a friend back for coffee, or buy a concert ticket off craigslist.

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Venmo anonymous reddit

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