Value lot yvr

Value lot yvr

The value long term lot, located near templeton station on the canada line, offers easy access to the terminal. This is yvrs most economical choice for parkers with the lowest price per day for both drive-up and reservations.

Outdoor car parks are car parks that are ground-level, open air and open sided, providing natural lighting and does not need ventilation systems or air ducts. These car parks have cheaper operational costs as they save on electricity consumption which spells savings for users. Most of these car parks are fenced for extra security measure.

If you have an oversized vehicle, please reach out to parkingyvr. Access our low value long term lot rates, and park just minutes from the terminal. Multi-level, covered parking, just steps away from the terminal.

Tree removal and relocation near value lot november 21, 2017 yvr in preparation of the value lot closing in 2018, trees are being removed and relocated to the new parking lot near templeton station and a new nursery along miller road. 90 trees were identified as candidates for relocation following a comprehensive assessment.

  visitors can park at the value long term lot for 15 per day, or 96 per week with a discount available for pre-bookings.

  a new replacement long-term value lot being built next to the canada lines templeton station will open on march 1.

  the new vltl replaces the old value lot next to the parkade and yvr airport station, as the large site is set to become a new six-storey expansion parkade and a geothermal power plant with four backup power generators. An official groundbreaking event this morning for the new parkade and geothermal plant was attended by premier john horgan.

Yvr provides free electric vehicle charging at our parking facilities. This includes ten charging stations at our new value long term lot, and two stations in level 1 of our parkade. We are continuing to build more capacity for electric vehicles.

You can reserve cheaper parking online at yvr by booking at other parking lots here.

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Value lot yvr

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