Va loan residual income chart

Va loan residual income chart

  so borrowers looking to start the va loan process will need a minimum amount of residual income depending on their loan amount, where they live and how many people live in the home.

Find out what types of income can be counted towards your dti on a va mortgage hithelendersnetwork.

  one of the key factors, actually requirement, is that the borrower (s) meet the va residual income chart. Better yet, exceeding the minimum va residual income by 120 is considered a major compensating factor.

  residual income charts ensure va home loan applicants can handle their house payment plus other living expenses.

  va residual income charts for the tables below one is for va loans under 80,000 and the other is for 80,000 and above. Then, each chart is broken down by family size and where the family lives.

Debt-to-income ratio residual income va loans disclaimer beginning january 1, 2020, the va funding fee will be changing to a range of 1. 6 based on factors like your down payment or equity amount, your service status and whether this is a first or subsequent use of a va loan.

  if your debt-to-income ratio is more than 41, you must exceed the regional residual income requirement by at least 20.

For loan amounts of 79,999 and below family size northeast midwest south west 1 390 382 382 425 2 654 641 641 713 3 788 772 772 859 4 888 868 868 967 5 921 902 902 1,004 over 5 add 75 for each additional member up to a family of seven.

  va lenders keep a residual income chart for you to review at your request or you can simply ask your va lender if you meet the va residual income guidelines.

The procedures below address only the credit underwriting of the loan. Step action 1 initiate the va and credit alert interactive voice response system (caivrs) inquiries described in section 6 of this chapter.

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Va loan residual income chart

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Va loan residual income chart

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