Utah vs nevada 529

Utah vs nevada 529

55 in the nevada 529, i ran to utah plan which seemed to be more flexible if i wanted to buy individual funds. Also what pushed me there was the steep 25 shifts in allocations in nevada 529.

Accepts contributions for a given beneficiary until nevada 529 account balances reach 500,000. Accepts contributions for a given beneficiary until utah 529 account balances reach 510,000.

  it depends on what your investment preferences are - the three plans are very different (and, btw, nv has two plans that use vanguard funds - the vanguard plan and the upromise plan and va vest has a significant vanguard component and the ne single fund portfolios have the largest array of vanguard funds available in the 529 universe).

Always consider your home state plan as it may offer state tax or other benefits for residents. You can select as many state 529 plans as you wish to compare.

3 changes to utahs 529 plan that make it even better 1 lower administrative fees. 18 for almost all of its investment options, although it remains at 0. 20 for one of the most popular options, the customized static option.

Rowe price mutual funds, while the plans in nevada and utah use vanguard mutual funds.

  nevadas usaa college savings plan fell to negative from neutral due to rapid changes in july 2019, victory capital holdings purchased usaas asset management business, including the 529.

The my529 plan from utah offers several investment portfolio options for investors to choose from. Current 10-year average annualized returns on investment options available through this plan span from the low 1s up to the mid 12s. The plan was created in 1996 and is the states only 529 college savings plan option.

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Utah vs nevada 529

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