Usps dvd box

Usps dvd box

Size 7-916 (l) x 5-716 (w) x 58 (h) sku issue date 712013. The priority mail dvd box conveniently folds to easily send one or two dvds or cds.

Dvd box (flat rate pricing for international only) 7-916 x 5-716 x 58 inside 8-34 x 5-916 x 78 outside. Noteflat rate prices are available when material is sent in a usps-produced flat rate envelope or box. When sealing a flat rate box or flat rate envelope, the container flaps must be able to close within the normal folds.

  does anyone know if these are subject to flat rate, or what the average cost to ship iswill be for one standard dvd box? On the box, the dimensions say (and i dont know the difference between id and od) id 7.

25 dual-use priority mailpriority mail express box dempbox1 11. 75 x 6 dual-use priority mailpriority mail express box dempbox2 14.

The same envelope sent by first-class mail is a lot less expensive. According to the united states postal service, the cost to ship a dvd in a 6 x 9-inch mailing envelope from tennessee to california would cost 0. To send the same dvd in a large envelope from tennessee overseas to england would cost 1.

  generally speaking, the usps flat rate boxes are a great option for heavy items that are traveling long distances. We ran the numbers to find out exactly when you should use a flat rate box and when you should use your own packaging and ship via usps priority mail weight-based or cubic instead.

Usps priority mail boxes & envelope item dimensions priority mail shoe box 7 12 x 5 18 x 14 38 priority mail box 7 12 x 12 x 8 priority mail box 1092 12 18 x 13 38 x 2 34 priority mail box 1096l 9 14 x 6 14 x 2 priority mail box 1095 15 14 x 12 38 x 2 38 priority mail box 1097.

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Usps dvd box

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