Using tivo with att uverse

Using tivo with att uverse

Presently we use a cable card acquired through time warner to enable our tivo to work with tw cable. Will at&t also make a cable card available so that we can continue to use our tivo with u-verse? I firmly believe tivo is superior to all other dvrs and would not consider switching to the at&t dvr. If we can continue using our tivo we will definitely switch to u-verse.

The tivo premierbox will not work with an external cable box. You need to contact uverse and tell them that you want to order a multi-stream cable cardso that you can use your tivo. Once you receive the card, you will insert it into the card slot on the back of the tivo box. Once you have done this, you wont need the uverse cable box anymore.

  tivo in the guided setup does now give you the option of att-uverse as a cable provider if you do a guided setup using v9.

Tivo premiere or premiere xl tivo premiere 4, xl4, or elite cable analog yes no digital yes (cablecard required) yes (cablecard required) verizon fios yes (cablecard required) yes (cablecard required) at&t u-verse no no antenna or ota standard definition (ntsc) yes no high definition (atsc) yes no satellite direct tv no no dish network no no sky angel no.

  using tivo dvr with att-uverse? I want to use my tivo series 2 dvr with my att uverse, as their dvr ui really bites. Hi john, the issue i see is with one uverse box you will have to watch the channel you are recording.

Im using the uverse dvr and while it lacks certain tivo amenities (like the ability to schedule a recurring manual recording, apparently), its easy to use.

Tivo premiere or premiere xl tivo premiere 4, xl4, or elite cable analog yes no digital yes (cablecard required) yes (cablecard required) verizon fios yes (cablecard required) yes (cablecard required) at&t u-verse no no antenna or ota standard definition (ntsc) yes no high definition (atsc) yes no satellite direct tv no no dish network no no sky angel no.

If you are setting up your tivo box for4 the first time, during guided setup choose wireless as your network connection type. If you are changing your tivo boxs connection method to wireless, go to settings & messages network settings change network settings.

To set up the google nest wifi with at&t, change the wan settings from static to dchp on the google wifi app. Then, in the at&t uverse gateways firewall settings, choose the google nest wifi and set it in dmzplus mode. Lastly, in the lan settings on the at&t uverse gateway, change the ip address allocation from private to public.

You should move the netgear switch and any devices connected to it from the uverse gateway to the orbi. Uverse tvdirect tv uses ip multicast, which netgear doesnt handle well. Otoh, you can use them as an isolated network for guests or iot devices.

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Using tivo with att uverse

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