Uob bank malaysia foreign exchange rate

Uob bank malaysia foreign exchange rate

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Foreign exchange (fx) rates are generally quoted on a spot basis. An fx spot transaction is a deal in which you and us agree to exchange agreed-upon amounts of two different currencies at an agreed exchange rate for settlement in 2 business days. Spot rates can be adjusted to provide for transactions taking place today or.

Please note that rates are subject to change at any time you are advised to verify the rates by contacting the bank.

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Check out the foreign currency exchange rate offered by uob bank. Below are the major currencies available for exchange at uob bank. Below are the major currencies available for exchange at uob bank.

Check out the rates and prices of our deposits, loans, unit trusts and foreign exchange. Disclaimer please note that rates are subject to change at any time you are advised to verify the rates by contacting the bank.

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Uob bank malaysia foreign exchange rate

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Uob bank malaysia foreign exchange rate
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