Unturned standard coin

Unturned standard coin

Then you make the standard coins into surperior then surperior to elite.

  standard coin 62626 standard coin stack 62627 superior coin 62636 superior coin stack 62637 elite coin 62646 elite coin stack 62647 pvp coin 62656 pvp coin stack 62657 sewing kit 62526 (you can also craft this with 5 nails and 1 rope).

  coins designed created by memb3r this mod will be the root of all the upcoming toxicity gear lines, including, all tops, bottoms, hoods, backpacks, custom weapons etc. These coins spawn around the map and you can craft our gear sets with them.

The packs above are fully craft-able with coins from the item sypply mod, the coins spawn all over the map on all vanilla maps for unturned. The mod also requires item item stacking mod for the crafting recipes.

It is a plain brass coin, slightly smaller than the toonie, resembling a canadian 1 coin.

  if you are going to use this mod pack on your server together with toxicity custom craft-able gear, you will need to use the following (rocketmod) plugin to get the pvp coins to drop from players killing each other.

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Unturned standard coin

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Unturned standard coin
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