Unisaver new zealand

Unisaver new zealand

Unisaver new zealand (formerly nzuss) is a retirement savings plan for eligible permanent and fixed-term employees of participating new zealand universities. Id like to join im a member im a retained member about unisaver contact helpline 0800 864 724.

Unisaver new zealand is an employer-sponsored registered superannuation scheme. Membership of unisaver is available to all permanent and eligible fixed-term employees of participating new zealand universities.

Unisaver news unisaver versus kiwisaver calculator back to top. A copy of the unisaver product disclosure statement is available under documents and forms and at disclose-register.

Unisaver new zealand po box 2897, wellington 6140 telephone (04) 819 2639. We are always looking for ways to improve our service to you. Com and tell us what has happened and how we can resolve matters.

Kiwisaver schemes continue to benefit from a higher weighting in new zealand shares and new zealand fixed interest which have fared better than their global counterparts during recent years. Returns from listed property and infrastructure, which are incorporated as risk diversifying asset classes, did not have this advantage this time around given the very specific nature of the cause of share.

If you have an email address registered with unisaver, you can change your pin by signing in and selecting reset your pin. You can check and update the details we have on record for you any time.

Continuing the recent trend, both us and new zealand share markets had very strong years in 2020. These markets represent a large portion of the unisaver portfolios and contributed positively to member returns. For the year, new zealand shares (as measured by the s&pnz 50 index including imputation credits) advanced almost 15 while global shares gained almost 12 (as measured by the msci all.).

The trustee pays a fee for the provision of this service, however this fee is not conditional on you using this service or acting on the information or advice provided through this service. Information provided on this website about unisaver should be viewed in conjunction with the unisaver.

Christmasnew year holiday hours for unisaver new zealand (formerly nzuss). Id like to join im a member im a retained member about unisaver contact home holiday hours 2019. The last payment date for benefits for 2019 will be friday 20 december. You need to factor this in if you are planning to withdraw money over the holidays.

Unisaver new zealand (unisaver - formerly nzuss) - cfa (kiwisaver compliant) home working at otago employee benefits superannuation the kiwisaver-compliant version of unisaver offers its member choice and flexibility for their retirement savings, while providing the additional benefits of a personal tax credit.

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Unisaver new zealand

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