Uncovered call options explained

Uncovered call options explained

  what is an uncovered option? In option trading, the term uncovered refers to an option that does not have an offsetting position in the underlying asset.

A naked call, also called an uncovered call, is just one options strategy you can use as part of your overall investment strategy, but if youre just getting started, lets explain from the beginning. Anyone can use stock options when dealing in the stock market.

An uncovered call means you are selling a call on a stock that you do not own.

In uncovered options trading the trader does not need to invest money in buying stocks although he or she needs to have a substantial amount of money in the margin account. Because the trader does not own stock he or she avoids some of the attendant risk.

A short call option position in which the writer does not own shares of underlying stock represented by the option contracts. Uncovered calls are much riskier for the writer than a covered call, where the writer of the uncovered call owns the underlying stock. If the buyer of a call exercises the option to call, the writer would be.

  a naked call is when a call option is sold by itself (uncovered) without any offsetting positions.

  in contrast, a naked (or uncovered) call is when you act as a seller of call options without owning shares of the underlying stock. Pro tip a naked call carries more risk, since a stocks price could, in theory, rise endlessly above the strike price.

  call option a call option is a contract to buy 100 shares of an underlying stock at a set price before the expiration date. The buyer of the option contract has the option to buy but is not obligated to buy the shares.

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Uncovered call options explained

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Uncovered call options explained

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