Ultrasabers delivery time

Ultrasabers delivery time

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  ultrasabers new, slower handling speed 8-14 business days httpsyoutu. Ultrasabers shipping, tracking and delivery info httpsyoutu. Unfortunately, ive also heard many reports that theyre very slow to respond to many customer emails at the moment, too.

We both have yet to receive an email regarding shipping (just receipt) and are curious about the average delivery time. We know it says 3-4 weeks as a possibility, as well as it being the week of may 45. Before ordering, we did a little research and, from what i could see, the average was about a week or two for delivery (from ordering).

  search etsy for lightsabers and parts affiliate linkhttptidd. Lyd2cec418----- ultrasabers states on their website that most orders ship within 2 busines.

  once your order is shipped, many ultrasabers orders will arrive within 7 days or so within the united states. International orders will take longer and the package could be delayed in customs. Many ultrasabers orders will require a signature upon delivery, at least for united states orders.

They say 3 to 4 weeks but it always takes six to eight weeks helpful (1).

In non-peak season, orders typically ship within 1-3 business days. If you need a more definitive time frame for shipping, please email us at shippingultrasabers. Com and we can tell you more specifically when a particular saber you are ordering will ship out.

  search for lightsabers and parts affiliate linksetsy httptidd.

Ultrasabers has the largest collection of custom lightsabers, sabers and fx sabers in the galaxy! Buy or build a real lightsaber from parts in our massive arsenal of parts.

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Ultrasabers delivery time

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