Tyrian shekel value

Tyrian shekel value

  early tyrian shekel with reverse double-struck, minted in 107-106 bce. After demetrius was murdered, the city tyre became independent and started to mint autonomous shekels in a style, size and weight (c. 14 gram) very comparable to the earlier tetradrachms (fig 3-4).

Shekel wikipedia judea ancient greece 1100bc 330 shekel wikipedia tyrian shekels numiswiki the year 1 prototype shekel s.

Owing to the relative purity of their silver, they were the preferred medium of payment for the temple tax in jerusalem despite their royal and pagan imagery. The money changers assaulted by jesus in the new testament are those who exchanged worshippers baser common currency for such shekels and they have been suggested as a possible coin used.

The silver tyrian shekel was first produced in 125 bc and the last year of production was 66 ad when the first jewish war broke out and the romans destroyed the temple. The design of the shekel of tyre, which became the official temple currency, was copied from coins minted under the authority of the seleucid empire.

  how much would you value this shekel of tyre at? Discussion in ancient coins started by jwitten, jun 16, 2016. I was a big bidder on this coin (did not win, was runner up).

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Tyrian shekel value

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