Tvix all time low

Tvix all time low

Shares of velocity shares daily 2x vix short term etn (tvix) closed lower on tuesday by 6. Tuesdays actiontvix data by ycharttvix all-time charttvix data by.

Shares of velocity shares daily 2x vix short term etn (tvix) hit a new all-time low on monday despite a sell-off in the s&p 500, dow, and nasdaq.

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Velocityshares daily 2x vix short-term etn (tvix) nasdaqgm - nasdaqgm real time price.

An exchange-traded note issued by credit suisse group ag, commonly known as tvix, that tracks stock market volatility is trading at a premium of about 3 over what it should be priced based on its.

Since tvix has made its all time highs in march its been falling gently down for months with a few nice spikes inbetween. Since then its been less of an opportunity and more of a beware for all bears, the market is still going up. I posted a few days ago about the dollar possibly leaping around sept 11th and low and behold, it lines up roughly with our tvixf as.

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Tvix all time low

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