Tutanota payment options

Tutanota payment options

Tutanota encrypts all data stored in your mailbox (contacts, emails, email signature, inbox rules, invoice data, payment method, certificate and private keys of your own domains). When sending an email, tutanota encrypts subject, content and attachments automatically.

I pay for a premium account and now i find that i have to pay more only to send calendar invites, a feature that i think is basic and not only for businesses. I have stuck with tutanota for more than one year, i didnt complain about the outages, i didnt complain about the slow pace of development, and i did it because i liked your style of doing things, i liked your values and your commitment.

Bitcoin donations to tutanota have already been possible for a long time now, and so far we have made very good experiences on how to handle bitcoin payments. While we are still testing the other cryptocurrencies (ether, monero, bitcoin cash), we will definitely add bitcoin as a future payment option to tutanota.

We very much welcome the idea of an anonymous payment option as well. With tutanota we want to provide an anonymous email service for journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists who need the extra protection they get from the built-in encryption of tutanota.

We very much welcome the idea of an anonymous payment option such as monero as with tutanota we want to provide an anonymous email service for journalists, whistleblowers and human rights activists who need the extra protection they get from tutanota.

20 eurmonth (or 12 euryear) and adds a custom domain option. You can add additional users, but it will cost you an extra 1. It also greatly expands on the search feature, allowing you to search for emails in an unlimited date range.

Io email, but tutanotas only one email address per user policy makes it difficult to create more than one email addresses for personal use. Ive reached out to the microsoft support team, but microsoft being microsoft, im not expecting any prompt response.

The tutanota team wants its users to help them decide which cryptocurrencies they should include as payment options by making donations in their favourite coin. The donations will help them gain experience in handling cryptocurrency payments and automating the payment process.

All tutanota apps are libre software to provide an open source email alternative to gmail, yahoo, gmx and others. Unlike other secure email services, tutanota does not use closed third party code - whether from google or others - because we must be in full control of the open source code to offer maximum security and privacy.

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Tutanota payment options

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Tutanota payment options
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