Turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi currency value

Turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi currency value

The bill of besyuz bin turk lirasi portrays mustafa kemal atatürk, 1st president of turkey. On the paper banknote a caption reads turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi.

The central bank of the republic of turkey is responsible for the monetary and exchange rate policies in turkey. The primary objective of the bank is to achieve price stability.

This ikiyuzelli bin turk lirasi banknote features the image of the father of modern turkey, atatürk. The words turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi are printed on the paper note. The value of a 250,000 old turkish lira banknote is very low as a result of prolonged hyperinflation in turkey.

The exchange deadline for old turkish lira notes issued by the türkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankas expired in 2015. However, we give cash for obsolete old turkish lira banknotes at a rate that reflects their numismatic (collectors) value. We also exchange for free current and withdrawn new turkish lira banknotes, as well as turkish lira coins.

The banknote of bir milyon turk lirasi shows the image of turkeys first president, atatürk. The paper note contains the words turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi. The value of a 1,000,000 old turkish lira banknote is very low as a result of prolonged hyperinflation in turkey.

Turkey currency turkish old lira series obsolete old turkish lira banknotes tender banknotes dimensions 131 63 mm composition material paper. Profession 1st turkish president, founding father of turkey, poet, writer. Text 100, turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi, yuz turk lirasi.

To show turkish lira and just one other currency click on any other currency. The turkish lira is the currency in turkey (tr, tur), and northern cyprus.

Here is a listing of turkey 1000 lira notes presently for sale on ebay httpwww.

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Turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi currency value

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Turkiye cumhuriyet merkez bankasi currency value

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