Trinet dental insurance

Trinet dental insurance

Trinet offers dental coverage through four carriers (aetna, delta dental, guardian and metlife) and each offer three dental ppo plans a high option (ppo 0), a middle option (ppo 50) and a low option (ppo 100). In addition, aetna offers an exclusive provider plan (epp) in many states.

Dental ppo gives you the flexibility to receive care from any provider, but features a network of providers who agree to charge reduced rates negotiated by the carrier. Once you meet the plans deductible, the plan benefits will take effect and you typically pay a percentage for the cost of most services, called coinsurance.

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Access to premium benefits extends beyond medical, to dental, vision, life, disability, retirement, transit and a wide range of voluntary benefits. Trinet works with industry leaders in each benefit category so you can build a compelling benefit offering that shows your people how much you care.

We are pleased to welcome you to the group dental plan for trinet hr iv, llc. Your plan is underwritten and administered by delta dental insurance company (delta dental). Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality dental care and to help you maintain good dental health.

If so, consider the guardian ppo dental plan with the annual benefits maximum rollover account. If, at the end of a calendar year, your claims total does not exceed 700 (high plan) or 500 (low plan), you are eligible to have a deposit contributed to your maximum rollover account (mra). This deposit will be pro-rated and administered by guardian for the following calendar year.

Trinet hr iv, llc dental plan evidence of coverage sle-ppo-va-e-17 1 18831 introduction we are pleased to welcome you to the group dental plan for trinet hr iv, llc. Your plan is underwritten by dentegra insurance company (dentegra) and administered by delta dental insurance company (delta dental).

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Trinet offers a variety of benefits you make the choices that matter. The benefits listed to the left are designed to cover you at every stage of life. Click on each benefit to learn more about the options available to you.

Access real-time information on your paychecks, benefits, time-off and more. You and your employees can manage benefits, view pay information or update data with one login.

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Trinet dental insurance

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