Transportation to the state fair

Transportation to the state fair

To give the most service we will be utilizing our regular routes with buses to transfer (with no additional charge) to the alaska state fair.

Pierce transit will operate a connector bus from the puyallup station to the red gate. Connector bus service is complimentary when either a sounder train ticket or orca card is shown upon boarding.

Using dart to get to the state fair state fair visitors can ride the dart rail green line to two stations fair park station, located on parry avenue at the entrance to the fairgrounds, and mlk, jr.

Serving approximately 32 twin cities locations, most of which are close to the fairgrounds.

State fair visitors can ride the dart rail green line to two stations -. Fair park station, located on parry avenue at the entrance to the fairgrounds, and mlk, jr. And convenient to the mlk fairground entrance (gate 6) and the cotton bowl stadium.

  please check back in the spring and summer! State fair express bus service features free parking and a direct bus ride to the fairgrounds for a small fee from farther-out suburbs around the twin cities. Twenty express bus lots are serviced by metro transit, minnesota valley transit authority and southwest transit.

From downtown dallas, green line trains going to the fair will say buckner, lawnview or fair park southbound red and blue line passengers transfer to the green line at pearlarts district station. Northbound red and blue line passengers transfer to the green line at akard station.

State fair (see map) from august 22 through september 2 (but not on thursday, august 29), many 45-foot motorcoaches, provided by lorenz and other companies, will shuttle riders from various parking locations on the east bank to the state fair.

Join the washington state fair and target zero washington and take the pledge to not drink and drive. There are a variety of public transportation options you can take advantage of, plus convenenient uber & lyft drop off and pick up locations.

Tre will operate special weekend schedules during the 2019 state fair of texas (see schedules below). The state fair of texas is open from friday, september 27 through sunday, october 20. Tre passengers can easily transfer to the green line at victory station.

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Transportation to the state fair

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Transportation to the state fair
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