Trade ideas pro

Trade ideas pro

Trade ideas pro ai stock scanner is a downloadable, ms windows application version of our industry leading real-time stock scanner alerts software. It is specifically designed for the power user who demands more than the web based front end can offer.

Is a virtual research analyst that never sleeps and sifts through technicals, fundamentals, social media, earnings and more, across millions of possible trades every day to find the highest probability, risk appropriate opportunities.

The trade ideas professional services includes index beating artificial intelligence for professional traders including registered investment advisors, portfolio and investment managers, and wealth management offices.

Trade ideas delivers daily trading strategies in individual stocks via its artificial intelligence analyst, holly. Every evening and overnight holly conducts a quantitative combine that performs over a millions simulated trades against 45 different concepts. Each concept has a different purpose designed to help beat the market.

Trade ideas is the most feature rich market intelligence platform available. Whether youre honing your skills with the real-time paper trading simulation, optimizing your strategies with the event-based backtester, or setting alerts right on the charts, the award winning technology.

Trade ideas pro helps traders find the best setups in the market right now. Trade ideas driving trade and investment with the ai engine.

  trade ideas pro displays profit targets and exit suggestions on a chart using hollys recommendations. The advantage of using holly seems to be that (despite her name) shes not an actual human being. Thus, there is no risk of greed, panic, fear, or other human emotions. Everyone knows the stories of how these foibles have interfered with financial decisions in the past.

On wednesdays we review the trade ideas pro platform and technology and introduce new and upcoming features. Following the technology and features portion, we will open the floor for any questions regarding using trade ideas and our services.

Is a virtual research analyst that never sleeps and sifts through technicals, fundamentals, social media, earnings and more, across millions of possible trades every day to find the highest probability, risk appropriate opportunities.

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Trade ideas pro

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