Tom lynch travel brush

Tom lynch travel brush

Tom lynch has improved the essential watercolor brush shapes with gold-plated ferrules and light weight wooden handles. Not to be outdone silver brush and tom lynch have designed two pocket-sized travel brushes that when not in use, collapse to fit within the gold plated handle for secure storage.

Brushes i use natural hair is very important, and sable is the best i prefer long hair and long handle. They flow, hold more color, release more easily and are a soft touch to the paper. The three bolded brushes listed are the ones i use 90 of the time.

  tom lynch demos his new 8 pc plein air travel brush set from silver brush ltd. Why he chose these brushes and some strokes you can make with each of the bru.

Guerrilla painter the tom lynch secret plein air tool view finder, white brand guerrilla painter. High-end art travel painting brush synthetic sable round hair short handle brush for acrylic oil and watercolor painting 3pcs. 99 looneng art ruling pen for applying masking fluid line work.

  tom lynch demos his new advanced 9pc set featuring his favorite pure red sable brushes for watercolor painting. He shows you why he chose these brushes and some strokes you can make with each of.

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Tom lynch travel brush

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