Tifia welcome bonus

Tifia welcome bonus

To get a 30 bonus, a client must activating the promocode by entering the promo-code when depositing via tifia clients profile. The bonus will be paid into the account automatically right after the account has been topped up.

Llll best tifia bonus no deposit tifia welcome bonus rush for profit, 51k prize fund participate in the competition rush for profit by tifia - trade as profitably as you can and get a real cash prize. Take the challenge during every two weeks of any competition and the grand prize of 15,000 throughout the entire contest. Forex platform and binary options with welcome bonus at tifia.

Tifia bonus operate with tifia and make the world better open a trading account or register your existing account 1 - make a deposit, 2 - start profitable trading, - donate 30 of your profits to children. 3 pips of each operation of the program participants to the charity fund.

How to get register and open live account use the promo code while depositing more than 10 get 100 bonus enjoy the trading with tifia. Withdrawal any profit made on account with bonus funds may be immediately withdrawn without any limitations.

50 no deposit welcome bonus start trading forex with tifia money.

Tifia provides forex bonuses on deposits and contests for traders and partners. We would like to make your work on forex incredibly interesting.

Bonuses description when working with tifia, you can be sure there are no conflicts of interest and you get high-quality trading services and access to tier-1 bank liquidity with the best prices and rapid execution. Available to new clients from next countries brunei, china, hong.

Tifia has a right to cancel the bonus and all trades made after getting a bonus funds, if client uses expertsadvisers or trading robots. Tifia has the right to correct the results of a clients trades on suspicion of bonus hunting activities or any other fraudulent actions as to bonus funds. A part of a trading result which was earned by use of bonus funds shall be cancelled.

This year, tifia will give money prizes to avoid physical contact and not compromise clients health. The promotion will automatically apply to any tifia client who will deposit at least 100 usd from 10.

Trade actively and make the maximum trading volume during promotion period.

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Tifia welcome bonus

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