The sims 4 bff

The sims 4 bff

The only way to have had 5 bffs without cheats is to break the bff relationship with 4 people. Any bff that dies and is not returned to the sim world as a ghost or corporeal being will forever maintain that tag until you deliberately yell enough.

  welcome to another house building video! Today were building a small house for the bff house - travis scott, liberty lee and summer holiday - in willow cree.

  hey, boo! Who doesnt want more best friends? Showing you the more best friends mod! Click here httpswww.

  --- open me --- hi guys! Today i am sharing another renovation and today i am renovating the bff households home! I absolutely love the way this renovat.

  because i have a little ocd about achievements i was extra careful to make sure her and my sims both were at the stage of the soulmate aspiration that called for be married to bff. We met the criterial, i know this becuase i proposed to her and we got married, i completed the aspiration and she didnt. When i looked at our relationship before marriage it said a list of things like lovebirds.

Melanin sims4 blacksimmer cc folder customcontent cas downloadheeeyyy! Peoplehope you enjoy! Let me know what you want to see next.

Submit your sims to the gallery reilatm more of xureila twitch httpsbit.

1 first floor thebff family is a pre-made household featured inwillow creek. The members are summer holiday liberty lee travis scott this family should not be confused with the best friends forever household in sims 3, which only consists out of the two female members karen kerman and kerry.

I need it for soulmate aspiration to marry bff without cheats. Ive been doing friendly interactions for over 2 hours already! This is insane! Ive made them argue already and lose their best friends status and got their best friend status back.

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The sims 4 bff

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