The most helpful traders on twitter

The most helpful traders on twitter

The most helpful traders on twitter 30 of the most helpful traders on twitter share their methods and wisdom ebook burns, steve, burns, holly amazon.

The most helpful traders on twitter 30 of the most helpful traders on twitter share their methods and wisdom ebook burns, steve, burns, holly amazon.

  there are several other great traders listed in the book, including brian shannon (alphatrends), al sabogal (alsabogal), jon boorman (jboorman), scott redler (reddogt3), assad tannous.

  now here are 10 traders you can follow on twitter and who have all demonstrated timely and consistent stock picks.

Short punchy fixed-format interviews with thirty successful traders on twitter. If you are thinking about a trading sideline this book will help you avoid many beginner pitfalls. If you are still working on your trading methods -- you will find suggestions for shaping your own strategy. If you are a successful trader you can still get some ideas for your own approach by reconsidering paths not taken.

  mellata 14 votes mella is one of the most fun people on twitter. She adds a ton of personality as she calls for key market reversals and teaches trading. Swingchannel trader using technical analysis to find high probability setups.

  ashraf laidi is well-known in the twitter community as a market strategist, trader, and author of currency trading and intermarket analysis. With more than 57,000 followers, he regularly tweets about current market news and provides market analysis backed by sound research.

  i have created a poll for my followers to vote on the trader they found to be the most helpful trader on twitter in 2013. Everyone can vote, and i will compile and post the winners on my blog in about a week. This could be very helpful for new traders, directing them to the best people to follow on twitter.

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The most helpful traders on twitter

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