Thai binh shoes group

Thai binh shoes group

Thai binh group at holding and shoes manufacturing company 5a xuyena highway an binh di an binh duong vietnam.

Tbs group invests in and develops 6 key businesses footwear, handbags, investment and asset management, logistics, hospitality and retail. Each business plays an important role in the growth and development of tbs. Production capability 25 million pairsyears producing line 33 lines human resource 17,000 staff.

Holding and shoes manufacturing company 5a xuyena highway an binh di an binh duong vietnam. Hs 41 - raw hides and skins (other than furskins) and leather see more goods shipped on panjiva.

Founded in 1989, tbs is a leading multi-sectors enterprise, providing integrated solutions to our clients ranging from footwear, handbags.

Be honored to received emulation flag by government and first-class labor medal.

With 25 years of experience pioneering the footwear industry in vietnam, tbs group is vietnams leading footwear provider. We offer large-scale production capabilities, reliably high-quality products, and a network of manufacturing facilities which meet international standards. We strive to be the leading large-scale footwear manufacturer for the global fashion industry.

Experiencing 14 years of construction and development until now we and the members of the consortium hatayhoes-group has become a strong consortium, were proud to be a company, a powerful consortium in the region north in the area of production, sales and export of shoes-sandals, we contribute significantly to the development and growth of manufacturing leather - shoe vietnam.

Report this profile about as a lean manager at freetrend company, i am directly responsible for controlling, supporting and implementing innovation projects. In addition to my lean manager duties, i am also responsible for reporting performance results to the management board and defining projects such as improving quality, productivity.

Victory group corporate overview company culture business map services innovation finished shoe manufacture intelligent equipment product finished shoe products subsidiary company located in beiwang road, gaobu victory footwear co. , ltdheng victory worldwide sporting goo long hanh thien ha co.

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Thai binh shoes group

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